Ito ay hango sa Ebanghelyo ni Juan at isinulat ni Dr.

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Jose P. Rizal noong sa Madrid habang siya ay nag-aaral ng Medisina. Nang makatapos ng pag-aaral ay nagtungo sa Paris si Rizal at doon ipinagpatuloy ang pagsusulat ng Noli Me Tangere.

Sa Berlin na niya natapos ang huling bahagi ng nobela. Sa ibaba mababasa ninyo ang aming bersyon ng Noli Me Tangere buod ng bawat kabanata pati na rin ang mga talasalitaan na ginamit sa nobela. Sa gabing iyon ay nakatakdang ganapin ang marangyang handaan sa bahay ni Don Santiago Delos Santos o mas kilala bilang si Kapitan Tiyago upang magsilbing salubong sa isang binatang kagagaling lamang sa Europa.

Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not)

Hindi naman iba sa Kapitan ang binata dahil ito ay anak ng kanyang matalik na kaibigan. Ang bahay ni Kapitan Tiyago na matatagpuan sa Kalye Anluwage ay napuno ng mga bisita. Isang malaking karangalan ang maging panauhin ng Kapitan. Si Kapitan Tiyago ay kilala sa pagiging matulungin sa mga mahihirap at nabibilang sa mataas na lipunan.

Ang pinsan ng Kapitan na si Tiya Isabel ang taga-istima ng mga bisita at ang mga panauhing babae at lalake ay sadyang magkakahiwalay. Nagpahuli namang dumating ang ibang mga panauhin kabilang na ang magkabiyak na sina Dr. Hindi naman nagpahuli sa mga panauhin ng Kapitan ang kinatawan ng simbahan sa pangunguna nina Padre Sibyla, ang kura paroko ng Binundok; Si Padre Damaso na sadyang magaslaw kung kumilos at magsalita; dalawang paisano; at si Tinyente Guevarra, ang tenyente ng gwardya sibil.

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Ang bawat grupo sa mga panauhin ay may kanya-kanyang paksa upang ilabas ang kani-kanilang saloobin, makipag-tagisan ng kuro-kuro, at humanap ng papuri. Ilan sa mga napag-usapan ay ang mga Indio o ang mga Pilipino; ang pagkakaalis ni Padre Damaso sa Parokya ng San Diego kahit na matagal itong nagsisilbi doon; ang monopolyo ng tabako, mga pulbura at armas at marami pang iba. Sa naturang pagtitipon ay hindi pinalagpas ni Padre Damaso na ihayag ang kanyang pangungutya sa mga Indio.

Ang mga ito raw ay hamak at mabababang uri ng nilalang. Samantala, gumawa naman ng paraan si Padre Sibyla upang maiba ang usapan at dito ay pinasok niya pagkakatanggal ni Padre Damaso bilang kura paroko sa loob ng dalawampung taon. Ang paliwanag ni Padre Damaso ay hindi raw nararapat makialam ang hari ng Espanya sa pagpaparusa sa mga erehe.In English: The Social Cancer. To whom did Rizal dedicated the novel? Rizal dedicated his novel entitled "Noli Me Tangere" to his fatherland.

Rizal sacrificed his personal needs in order for him to make a difference for the country. He made the novel to expose all the doings of the Spaniards in order to reawaken the senses of the Filipinos. What served as Rizals inspiration in writing the novel? When Rizal read Uncle Toms Cabin Harriet Beecher Stowes novel on the abuse of black slaves in America, he thought that a novel should be written about the abuses that Philippine natives were suffering at the hands of the Spanish friars.

When and Where did he start writing the novel? Jos P. Rizal was studying for medicine. While in Germany, Rizal wrote the second half of Noli me Tangere from time-to-time starting February 21, Where was it publishes and who financed its printing?

At first, according to one of Rizal's biographers, Rizal feared the novel might not be printed, and that it would remain unread. He had been struggling financial constraints that time and thought it would be hard to pursue printing the novel.

A financial aid came from a friend named Mximo Viola. Rizal at first, however, hesitated but Viola insisted and ended up lending Rizal P for 2,copies.

noli me tangere report

Noli was eventually printed in Berlin, Germany. The printing was finished earlier than the estimated five months. Viola arrived in Berlin in Decemberand by March21,Rizal had sent a copy of the novel to his friend Blumentritt. Influenced by his father, his studies and his observations of other countries, he has developed patriotic and progressive ideas which he wishes to put into action in his country.

He is very much like Rizal himself. Quoted as saying that to achieve liberation, they need the "catuiran ng lakas"or the use of force. Mara Clara de los Santos is Ibarra's faithful, pure and modest sweetheart. She is the portrait of an ideal woman, partly drawn perhaps from Rizal's love Leonor Rivera.

Padre Dmaso was once a good friend of Ibarra's father. He was, until the start of the novel, the domineering and condescending curate of San Diego, where the property of the Ibarra family is located, and continues to be a powerful figure in San Diego. Elas, a common laborer whose family has suffered much, dreams of revolution. He may be said to represent another side of Rizal.

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Pilosopong Tasio is an old man who received an excellent education in his youth but was persuaded into discontinuing his studies, which he was told would lead him away from his faith. The character is based on Rizal's older brother, Paciano. Sisa is the mother of two young boys who disappear.

With her mother love, her grief and her frustration, she is thought to represent the suffering motherland. Crispn- brother of Basilio. Dies at the hands of the "sacristan mayor" and Padre Salv. Basilio- brother of Crispn and son of Sisa and Pedro.


Last person to see Elas alive. Doa Victorina is a native woman who desperately tries to look like a Spaniard.Juan Crisostomo Ibarra is a young Filipino who, after studying for seven years in Europe, returns to his native land to find that his father, a wealthy landowner, has died in prison as the result of a quarrel with the parish curate, a Franciscan friar named Padre Damaso.

Ibarra resolves to forego all quarrels and to work for the betterment of his people. To show his good intentions, he seeks to establish, at his own expense, a public school in his native town. The young man loses control of himself and is about to kill the friar, who is saved by the intervention of Maria Clara. Ibarra is excommunicated, and Capitan Tiago, through his fear of the friars, is forced to break the engagement and agree to the marriage of Maria Clara with a young and inoffensive Spaniard provided by Padre Damaso.

Ibarra succeeds in having the excommunication removed, but before he can explain matters, an uprising against the Civil Guard is secretly brought about through agents of Padre Salvi, and the leadership is ascribed to Ibarra to ruin him. He is warned by a mysterious friend, an outlaw called Elias, whose life he had accidentally saved; but desiring first to see Maria Clara, he refuses to make his escape, and when the outbreak page occurs, he is arrested as the instigator of it and thrown into prison in Manila.

He begins to reproach her because it is a letter written to her before he went to Europe which forms the basis of the charge against him, but she clears herself of treachery to him. The letter had been secured from her by false representations and in exchange for two others written by her mother just before her birth, which prove that Padre Damaso is her real father.

Noli Me Tangere PPT2

Upon learning of the reported death of Ibarra in the chase on the Lake, Maria Clara becomes disconsolate and begs her supposed godfather, Fray Damaso, to put her in a nunnery.

Unconscious of her knowledge of their true relationship, the friar breaks down and confesses that all the trouble he has stirred up with the Ibarras has been to prevent her from marrying a native, which would condemn her and her children to the oppressed and enslaved class. He finally yields to her entreaties and she enters the nunnery of St. Clara, to which Padre Salvi is soon assigned in a ministerial capacity.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Skip to content. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Rizal was studying for medicine. While in Germany, Rizal wrote the second half of Noli me Tangere from time-to-time starting February 21, After he read the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, he had an inspiration to write his own novel with the same topic—to expose Spanish colonial abuse in print.

Beecher Stowe's novel describes black slavery abuse done by white men. Rizal suggested to his fellow Filipino friends in Europe, through writing, to have a meeting and plan for writing a novel similar to that of Beecher Stowe's.

At this moment, Rizal planned not to write the novel himselfbut through collective efforts done by other Filipinos who shared ideals with him. Each of them agreed to write a unified novel. Suddenly, when the writing began, most of them wanted to change the topic from Spanish abuse to somehow related to women. Rizal walked-out of the hall and decided to write the novel himself.

Rizal, in his letter to his friend and Czech scientist Ferdinand Blumentritt, admitted that he obtained the title from the Bible. The passage, when translated in Latin, is equivalent to noli me tangere. At the time when the novel is ready for printing, he ran out of fund. He contacted his friend, Maximo Viola, who agreed to lend him money for publishing. According to accounts, Rizal is about to throw Noli manuscripts to the fireplace when he received Viola's telegram agreeing for lending him.

Viola gave him an amount equal to three hundred pesos as preliminary payment for the first 2, copies of Noli. Inthe first edition of Noli was published in Berlin, Germany. To express his gratitude, he gave the original manuscript plus the plume he used to Viola. Rizal also signed the first print and gave it to Viola with dedication.

In another letter to Ferdinand Blumentritt, Rizal described what he expects when the novel will be in circulation. Finally, he pointed out his primary objective:.

But the real objective of Rizal in writing Noli Me Tangere is not to free our country, he just wants Philippines to be part of Spain as described in Chapter 2 as Crisostomo Ibarra says that Spain is his second home.

Noli Me Tangere is considered to be romantic but is more socio-historical because of its nature. Most of the issues discussed in Noli can still be seen today. After publication, Noli me Tangere was considered to be one of the instruments that initiated Filipino nationalism leading to the Philippine Revolution.

The novel did not only awaken sleeping Filipino awareness, but also established the grounds for aspiring to independence. Noli was originally written in Spanish, so the likelihood that Spanish authorities would read it first was very high;which is what Rizal wanted to happen.

Copies of books were redirected to churches, many were destroyed, many anti-Noli writers came into the picture. Catholic leaders in the Philippines at the time regarded the book as heretical, while Spanish colonial authorities declared it as subversive and against the government.Reading Guide. For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1, titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines.

Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators.

He angered the Spanish authorities with Noli Me Tangere and its sequel and was executed. A Gathering 2.

Crisostomo Ibarra 3. Dinner 4. Heretic and Subversive 5. A Star in the Dark Night 6. Captain Tiago 7. Idyll on a Terrace 8. Memories 9. National Affairs The Village Sovereignty All Saints The Storm Brews Tasio, Madman or Philosopher The Sextons Sisa Basilio Souls in Torment Adventures of a Schoolmaster The Meeting at City Hall Light and Shadow A Fishing Expedition In the Forest Festival Eve At Nightfall Correspondences Morning In the Church The Sermon The Crane Freedom of Thought The Banquet Comments Which guides should we add?

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Download this LitChart! Teachers and parents! Struggling with distance learning? Themes All Themes. Symbols All Symbols. Theme Wheel. Themes and Colors Key. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Noli Me Tangerewhich you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

Here the seat is yours. Active Themes. Colonialism, Religion, and Power.

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The guests turn their attention to Ibarraasking about his studies in Europe. He tells them that he has been away for seven years and that never in that entire time has he received news from the Philippines. Any schoolboy knows that. He also tells Ibarra that the new priest of San Diego will be joining the dinner, but Ibarra says he must go, reassuring Tiago that he will return the next day before going to San Diego. A foreign young man with blond hair chastises Filipinos like Ibarra for showing an unwillingness to be reprimanded by their priests.

This is also further proof that the colonizers project their own desires and insecurities onto Filipinos. Download it! Cite This Page. MLA Chicago. Lannamann, Taylor. Retrieved March 10, Copy to Clipboard. Download this Chart PDF. They're like having in-class notes for every discussion! Noli Me Tangere Worksheets and Activities. My students love how organized the handouts are and enjoy tracking the themes as a class.

noli me tangere report

How can we improve?Originally written in Spanishthe book is more commonly published and read in the Philippines in either Tagalog or English. Together with its sequel, El filibusterismo Grade 10the reading of Noli is obligatory for high school students Grade 9 throughout the country. The two novels are widely considered the national epic of the Philippines and are adapted in many forms, such as operas, musicals, plays, and other forms of art.

Rizal entitled this novel as such drawing inspiration from John of the Biblethe technical name of a particularly painful type of cancer back in his time, it was unknown what the modern name of said disease was. He proposed to probe all the cancers of Filipino society that everyone else felt too painful to touch. Early English translations of the novel used titles like An Eagle Flight and The Social Cancerdisregarding the symbolism of the title, but the more recent translations were published using the original Latin title.

He preferred that the prospective novel express the way Filipino culture was perceived to be backward, anti-progress, anti-intellectual, and not conducive to the ideals of the Age of Enlightenment.

He was then a student of medicine in the Universidad Central de Madrid. In a reunion of Filipinos at the house of his friend Pedro A. Paterno in Madrid on 2 JanuaryRizal proposed the writing of a novel about the Philippines written by a group of Filipinos. However, this project did not materialize.

Noli Me Tangere PPT2

The people who agreed to help Rizal with the novel did not write anything. Initially, the novel was planned to cover and describe all phases of Filipino life, but almost everybody wanted to write about women. Rizal even saw his companions spend more time gambling and flirting with Spanish women. Because of this, he pulled out of the plan of co-writing with others and decided to draft the novel alone.

Guevarra nevertheless warns the young man to be careful. The two flirt and reminisce in the azotea, a porch overlooking the river. However, he learns from the gravedigger that the town curate had ordered that Rafael's remains be exhumed and transferred to a Chinese cemetery.

noli me tangere report

As the days progress he carries out his plan to serve his country as his father wanted. He intends to use his family wealth to build a school, believing that his paisanos would benefit from a more modern education than what is offered in the schools run by the governmentwhose curriculum was heavily tempered by the teachings of the friars. He receives counsel from Don Anastacio, a revered local philosopher, who refers him to a progressive schoolmaster who lamented the friars' influence on public education and wished to introduce reforms.

The building was planned to begin construction with the cornerstone to be laid in a ceremony during San Diego's town fiesta. It is then discovered that a crocodile had been lurking on the fish pens owned by the Ibarras. The ceremony involved the massive stone being lowered into a trench by a wooden derrick. As he prepares to do so, however, the derrick fails and the stone falls into the trench, bringing the derrick down with it in a mighty crash.

In his place beneath the stone is the would-be assassin. He was prosecuted and upon release was shunned by the community as a dangerous lawbreaker. His wife turned to prostitution to support the family but were eventually driven into the hinterlands. The authorities know of the uprising and are prepared to spring a trap on the rebels.

The uprising follows through, and many of the rebels are either captured or killed. The following morning, the instigators are found dead. Now, the old officer tells her, she can live a life of peace. They slip unnoticed through the Estero de Binondo and into the Pasig River.

The following day, news of the chase were in the newspapers. A few nights later in the forest of the Ibarras, a boy pursues his mother through the darkness.

noli me tangere report

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