What can you do to get your resume noticed? How can you make the cut and get selected for an interview? You might have been rejected for a job before a prospective employer even laid eyes on your resume. It's a harsh reality, but the advent of online applications and digital resume submissions have made it easier for applicants to apply for jobs, expanding the number of resumes that employers receive.

To screen this large volume of resumes, many employers use software to help them conduct an initial screening of resumes. Almost all large companies utilize automated systems to screen candidates, and a significant number of mid-size organizations do the same.

Companies with fewer than 50 workers are much less likely to use such a system. These applicant tracking systems ATS screen out or reject an estimated 70 percent or more of the resumes submitted either because the documents don't reflect the desired qualifications or are formatted in a way that the system can't digest the information. Applicant tracking systems can be an impersonal or puzzling hurdle for those seeking employment, but there can be advantages for job seekers as well as disadvantages.

It's important to understand these in order to have the best chance of getting noticed. Crafting Your Resume. Job Searching Resumes. Full Bio Follow Linkedin. Follow Twitter. Alison Doyle is the job search expert for The Balance Careers, and one of the industry's most highly-regarded job search and career experts.

Read The Balance's editorial policies. Advantages Appropriate, accurate keywords should get the right candidates noticed. Traditional page limits for resumes are less significant. Well-tailored applications less likely to lose out to generic applications. Candidates who have done their homework are rewarded. Disadvantages Formatting issues can lead to rejection. System algorithms lack human ingenuity and instincts. Tailoring application for the system can lead to loss of focus.

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System can bypass quality candidates. Make sure your application contains keywords relevant to the job you're applying for. Review the qualifications listed and implied in the job advertisement. Make sure you also visit the company website to determine if a more detailed job description is available. If there's not much information available, you can review similar job vacancies on major job sites like Indeed.

Or, interview professionals in your target field and inquire about the keywords and jargon they would recommend using given the knowledge and skills that are most highly valued in the field. Make a list of words and phrases used to describe the ideal candidate, and incorporate them into your job application materials.

You can use the most critical keywords more than once if possible, but don't go overboard.

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There will be no penalty for repetition and systems often tally points for each mention of a key asset, up to a realistic point.

Incorporate a skills section or a summary of qualifications to list keywords for assets that you might have difficulty fully supporting through descriptions of the positions you have held. Generic resumes are the enemy of applicant tracking systems and will be the first documents screened out. Be sure to tailor your resume to each job you are targeting. Incorporate as many of the keywords and phrases that you have identified in the job description as possible, though make sure your writing still sounds natural and reads well.

Don't leave off the dates of your employment.Taleo is a cloud-based ATS Applicant Tracking System that is used by large companies to manage their talent acquisition processes. Founded in Canada inthey were later purchased by Oracle in Today, Taleo is the world's largest ATS, with over 5, customers in countries. Similar to other ATS, Taleo incorporates automatic, AI artificial intelligence technologies in the employee selection process, in order to:. Since more and more companies are using the ATS program, the above information is becoming more and more useful each day.

Typically, ATS is used in the first stages of the hiring process. This way employers can focus on qualified candidates. In most cases, you will search for a job on the company's website e. Marriott, KPand then, after applying, the entire process will be conducted through Taleo. In the past, you simply applied on the company's website, uploaded your resume for the HR staff to look at, took an assessment test on a test provider's website, and traveled to the company's offices for an interview.

Nowadays, all of these screening services are integrated through ATS. Therefore, you will not always know which assessment you are about to take, making it much harder to prepare for it.

taleo initial screening

Read more about Taleo's different partnerships and integrations with assessment and interview companies Here. More than 5, customers use Taleo software, including roughly half the businesses on the Fortune list. Take a peek below:.

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The application process via Taleo differs from company to company. As Taleo is, eventually, a technical platform, it is the job of the employer to choose which stages to screen applicants.

With this in mind, below are the most prevalent stages you might encounter:. Te initial registration stage is rather self-explanatory.

You can tell you are registering for Taleo by looking at the URL. If you apply to another company using Taleo, you will be required to create a new account.

Resume parsing might be the first or second stage of your registration after the job-specific questions and employment essentials. During this stage, you will be requested to either:. Taleo will extract the data from the resume or profile you uploaded and will automatically fill in the required fields such as job experience, education, etc.

Note: For this to work, you must format your job experience and education sections as follows:. A in Economics at the University of Hawaii. Remember, the resume parser is not merely a technical tool. It has a key role in the initial screening process. Therefore, it is highly important that your resume is both job-specific and ATS-compatible.

taleo initial screening

To make sure your resume is a good match for the job you apply to, you can use a resume scanning tool. It's important to note that Taleo allows you to upload a new resume for each and every position.

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Take advantage of this! To learn how to excel at this, as well as learn other useful ATS and resumes information, check out this extensive ATS-proof resume guide. These questions present conditions that are mandatory for one's ability to work with the employer. Such questions are most commonly related to:. Next, you will be presented with a few questions by the HR department.In connection with applying for a job at UnitedHealth Group or one of its affiliates, UnitedHealth will collect Personal Information about you during the application process.

Your Personal Information will be used to assess and determine whether you are a good fit for relevant positions at our Company. What Personal Information may we hold about you? Personal Information may be collected from you in various ways, including in person, by our company technology and systems when you use them, or by third party recruiting tools, including online recruitment services.

These documents may contain: Individual Identifiers. Personal Records. Geolocation Data Characteristics of Protected Classifications. Biometric Information. We have received recent reports of fraudulent emails purporting to be sent from UnitedHealth Group, UnitedHealthcare, or Optum recruiting personnel. UnitedHealth Group will never request you download software or pay a fee of any sort to explore employment opportunities with our company.

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If you wish to verify the legitimacy of any email purporting to have been sent by or on behalf of UnitedHealth Group recruiters, please call between 7 a. CT, Monday - Friday, for assistance. You also may inquire via email to lifesbestwork uhg.

UnitedHealth Group is committed to working with and providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with physical and mental disabilities. If you need special assistance or accommodation for any part of the application process, please call and press or say 1 for Applicant to be connected to Recruitment Services.

Recruitment Services hours of operation are 7 a. CT, Monday through Friday. The UnitedHealth Group name with the dimensional logo, as well as the dimensional logo alone, are both service marks for the UnitedHealth Group, Inc. Diversity creates a healthier atmosphere: All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, protected veteran status, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law.

UnitedHealth Group is a drug-free workplace. Candidates are required to pass a drug test before beginning employment. Improve the lives of others while doing your life's best work. Go to the main content section. You are not signed in. Sign In Beginning of the main content section.

Printable Format The action cannot be completed. Cookies are not enabled on your browser. Please enable cookies in your browser preferences and refresh your browser to continue. Visit the Social Responsibility Website We embrace and encourage a culture of diversity and inclusion. We know that valuing diversity makes good business sense and helps to ensure our future success.

Fraudulent Activity. Why Work Here. Career Areas. Getting Hired. My Profile. My Saved Jobs. Network With Us.Your "job application status" is the stage of your application within the overall process of trying to get a job. Some companies have online tools with which candidates can track their status on their own. Often, though, you must contact the hiring manager to ask about your status. Specific terminology varies by employer. A very general status is "in progress"; this typically means your application is somewhere between initial acceptance and final review.

Some application statuses indicate you didn't meet the initial screening requirements. Neil Kokemuller has been an active business, finance and education writer and content media website developer since He has been a college marketing professor since Kokemuller has additional professional experience in marketing, retail and small business. Skip to main content. Status Examples Specific terminology varies by employer. Concerning Statuses Some application statuses indicate you didn't meet the initial screening requirements.

About the Author Neil Kokemuller has been an active business, finance and education writer and content media website developer since Accessed 17 April Kokemuller, Neil. Job Application Status Meanings. Work - Chron. Note: Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.We are making some changes to improve your experience of our careers site.

Our current Job Basket will be removed in the next few weeks. If you have any saved jobs in your basket please note their Requisition ID so that you can find them easily again. We apologise for any inconvenience. Before you join us there are a few things we need to check, and some tasks you'll need to complete. The Barclays Welcome Portal is here to help guide you through the process, right up to your first day at Barclays.

We're really looking forward to you joining the team. This start date is provisional for now and depends on you completing all onboarding tasks. Your start date will appear here as soon as it's ready. Everything you need to know about joining Barclays. Please note: you will receive a separate email with your Being Barclays login details.

Hear recent joiners talk about their experiences of joining Barclays - and find tips to help your prepare for your first day. Improve your digital skills with Barclays Digital Wings. From coding to online security, you'll learn lots of useful skills from leading digital experts.

taleo initial screening

We are very keen to hear your thoughts on our recruitment process. If you haven't completed our feedback survey already please click here. We encourage all colleagues to open an account with us, benefit from the great offers and experience our products and services as our customers do. Please take a look Youniquely Barclays. It's easy to open an account. You can do this onlineor call the team on An example list of acceptable documents for the UK can be found here.

For country-specific documents, please speak to your local Resourcing Partner. You should take them to your interview with you, or to a Barclays branch, contact centre or other Barclays office. Full details will be included on your invitation for interview. For US candidates, please note that you will be required to produce evidence of your legal right to work in the US within 3 days of your start date. For India candidates, you may also provide your documentation to be attested at induction.

In most countries, you will receive a link to an online portal from one of our third party screening providers requesting you to log on and complete an online form.

You will receive this email once we have received all of your ID documents from your interviewer, and we have validated that they are correct. In a small number of countries, you will be asked to complete a manual form.Privacy settings. Career Opportunities.

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Beat Oracle's Taleo Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

It details how we collect your Personal Data, why we collect it, and to whom we may share it. This Notice also discloses your Personal Data rights. It applies to all your Personal Data, including Personal Data stored electronically or in hard copy. The information you submit during this recruitment registration and online resume submission process must be complete and accurate.

Providing false or incomplete information during any of the steps of the process will lead to your rejection or, if discovered after you become employed by Allergan, other disciplinary sanctions up to the termination of your employment. In addition, Allergan may undertake initial screening of applications using automated processing.

Disability Accommodation for Employment Applicants. Reasonable accommodation will be provided for qualified individuals with disabilities, and in the United States for qualified disabled veterans, in job application procedures. For email and mail inquiries, please include a description of your requested accommodation, your name and contact information. Allergan will make every effort to respond to your request within a reasonable time.

Allergan provides equal employment opportunities and promotes the recruitment of minorities. What Personal Data may we collect about you? Allergan may require that you provide certain Personal Data during the recruitment, registration and online resume submission process.

Depending on the Personal Data that you choose to submit, Allergan may collect the following Personal Data, including your:. You agree not to supply sensitive personal data to support your application or as part of your personal profile in the System if not required. However, in the United States, Allergan gives applicants an opportunity to voluntarily self-identify their race and ethnicity.

Allergan uses this information to comply with its Equal Employment Opportunity reporting obligations. Allergan does not use this information to make employment decisions.

For users providing this information that are located outside of the United States, Allergan reserves the right to delete such information from its databases. How will we use your Personal Data? Processing of your Personal Data includes where we may record, organize, structure, store, adapt, or alter, retrieve, consult, use, disclose by transmission, dissemination, or otherwise make available, align or combine, restrict, erase, or destroy your Personal Data.

For any additional purposes where we are required to notify you and get your consent, including those purposes that require consent according to local law, we will obtain your consent before we process your Personal Data for those purposes.

What is our legal basis for Processing your Personal Data?The following steps are required to configure the Taleo Scheduling Center as a service in Taleo Recruiting Administration.

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Previewing a Screening Service User-defined Form. Previewing a Service Label. The Access Screening Services configuration and the Access Administration user type permissions are required. Click the Taleo Scheduling Center Proctored service name. Click Activate located next to the name of the service. The service is available in the Recruiting Center when users request an external service. In the Settings section, configure the assessment settings as desired.

Under Name, enter the name of the field if you want to override the default name. Under Default Value, select the calendar that will appear by default in the calendar field located in the requisition Screening block. The Access Administration user type permission is required. Under User-defined Forms, configure the following elements.

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Capture of input fields: This is where you define how the Taleo Scheduling Center field input field will appear in the requisition file in Edit mode. You can define elements such as the field type drop-down list, radio button and if the field is mandatory.

Display of input fields: This is where you define how the Taleo Scheduling Center field input field will appear in the requisition file in View mode. Display of result fields: This is where you define how the Taleo Scheduling Center result fields will appear in the candidate submission. Display of result set fields: This is used only for those external partners whose certification includes result set fields.

Taleo Scheduling Center does not use this kind of fields. Therefore, nothing to configure here. The final layout of a user-defined form used in a screening service is displayed to the system administrator.

Complete the fields as desired. Click Preview next to Labels to see how the message will appear to candidates. When the candidate selection workflow is used in the Recruiting Center, the execution of the Taleo Assessment will be carried out automatically.

Click Select under Message template internal candidates. Select the message template you want to send to internal candidates. Click Select under Message template external candidates. Select the message template you want to send to external candidates. The candidate will receive an e-mail based on these templates, depending on whether the candidate is an internal or external candidate. The e-mail will contain a link to an appointment invitation. Code: The internal name of the input field.

The code is a read-only property.

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